SMELA has set itself the goal to offer a solution that is advantageous in every respect to any plant engineer who has energy efficiency, control or installation space problems with pneumatic short-stroke cylinders or electric linear motors.

Alexander Ellerhorst  

Sales engineer

„An innovation, brilliantly implemented, together with a team hungry for success - that´s what drives me to work for SMELA." His analytical and inquisitive nature - wether at a customer meeting or a cultivated round of chess - make him a valuable addition to the team.

Dr.-Ing. Gerd Peters  

Sales engineer

With many years of experience in sales and marketing, he brings not only extensive know-how but also a valuable network from the welding technology industry to our team. A high need to understand the customers and their problems characterize him not only occupational.

Benjamin Horn  

Co-founder and CEO

Responsible for strategy and always looking for optimal tools to make the team´s work easier. In addition to his own, he has created another growth-oriented family with SMELA. In his spare time, he is passionate about music.

Janine Polte  

Backoffice Management

Our professional for marketing, accounting and event organization. Her creativity brings pep to the office and is also reflected in her preferences. She likes to spend her free time in nature or doing sports. Her all-round talent is a real asset.

Dr.-Ing. Denis Draganov

Initiator, Co-Founder and CTO

Our competence center for mechanics and electronics. Denis laid our foundation stone with his idea for compact electric drives. His ay begins routinely in the workshop, where he works on new ideas. In addition, he is a great nature lover and hiker.

Oleksandr Tyshakin  

Co-founder and COO

Our sports-enthusiastic specialist for hardware and software is passionate about wearing a jersey on the soccer field or being out in nature with his family. Thanks to his inquisitive nature and experience, no question remains unanswered with Oleksandr (nickname: Sascha).

Florian Pflugfelder  

Technical development

The heart of the native Swabian beats thanks to his electrical engineering studies and our SMELA team for Magdeburg. His composure at work is also the result of his passion and experience in the outdoor sector. Due to his social nature he is a real team player.

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Benecke  

Technical development

As an avid "New Space" follower, with him you never miss the latest inventions in technology. He is our development engineer and attaches great importance to accuracy. His preference for a clean way of working is directly reflected in specially developed hardware and software tools.

Hamza Obbad  

Technical development

Hamza, a passionate hiker and kickboxer, is always on the lookout for new adventures. His expertise in PCB design and hardware development, combined with his openness and enthusiasm, make him an inspiring personality. Whether on the peak of a mountain or in the world of technology, Hamza is a bundle of energy!

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