In addition to the servomotor and the linear mechanics, the LE-INTEGRATED actuators have an integrated drive controller based on 24 volts and optionally on 48 volts. They are controlled via EtherCAT, CANopen or digital IOs.

As with the BASE series, many of the advantages of electric drives are supplemented with essential features for high industrial requirements and packed into the smallest possible installation space. In addition to sealing to protection class IP65, conventional M8 and M12 circular connectors have been integrated in the A, B, L and Y codings. The maximum stroke is 85 or 115 millimetres, whereby any positioning within the maximum stroke is possible without restriction.

The liteECO® Concept:

The SMELA liteECO® series is the most compact electromechanical alternative to pneumatic short-stroke cylinders thanks to its patented arrangement of motor and mechanics. This makes them ideal for the many linear movements required in production lines, machine tools or packaging systems.

A servomotor including positioning sensors enables the movement of simple to complex profiles: for fixing, adjusting, locking and travelling any movement processes. The highly efficient motor saves up to 90 % energy compared to pneumatic systems. Together with the smart arrangement of the mechanics in the motor, the actuator saves up to 80 % installation space compared to existing electrical solutions. The liteECO® series also offers the option of simple refurbishment. Replacing a worn mechanism is extremely simple and helps the actuators to achieve several life cycles: sustainable, cost- and resource-saving.

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