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The industry often requires short linear positioning operations in automated production plants. The linear movements are conventionally realized mostly by pneumatic actuators. The problems of pneumatic systems are well known: an enormous waste of energy as well as complex infrastructures due to and for the additionally required compressed air.

The solution

SMELA liteECO® series is the most compact electromechanical alternative to pneumatic short-stroke cylinders thanks to its patented arrangement of motor and mechanics. This makes them ideal for the many linear movements required in production lines, machine tools or packaging systems. 

Most compact short-stroke actuators

A servo motor including positioning sensors enables the movement of simple to complex profiles: for fixing, adjusting, locking and travelling any movement.

The highly efficient motor saves up to 90 % energy compared to pneumatic systems. Together with the smart arrangement of the mechanics in the motor, the actuator ensures an installation space saving of up to 80 % compared to existing electrical solutions with the same force and performance.

The liteECO® series also offers the option of simple refurbishment. Replacing a worn mechanism is extremely simple and helps the drives to have several life cycles: sustainable, cost- and resourcesaving.

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Our Mission:

With our actuators, we would like to offer any plant engineer who has energy efficiency, control or installation space problems with pneumatic short-stroke cylinders or electric linear motors a solution that is advantageous in every aspect.

Benjamin Horn • CEO

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